Ensemble Learning Approach for Stability Prediction of Interface and Core mutations.


Protein adjacency graph neural network.


A collection of pipelines for processing and transforming data and training machine learning models.


Fork of biopython’s Bio.PDB, with special powers.


Bits of tested and reusable code for structural biology.


A collection of conda recipes .


Toolkit for Protein Optimization and Design.


I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

Course Code Course Title N. terms
CSC411H Introduction to Machine Learning 1 term
CSC384H Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 1 term
CSC343H Introduction to Databases 1 term
CSC148H Introduction to Computer Science 6 terms
CSC128H Content Developer for PythonTA 1 term
CSC120H Computer Science for the Sciences 1 term
CSC108H Introduction to Computer Programming 2 term
C4M Computing for Medicine Workshops 1 term
CS Help Center TA 1 term
PHM140H Molecular Pharmacology 2 terms
PHM225H Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1 term

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  • @ostrokach on Keybase.
  • Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada