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  • FreeIPA — Provides LDAP and Kerberos setup for Linux. Note that Ubuntu 20.10 comes with native support for LDAP for authentication.



  • Can be used with either NIS or LDAP for single sign-on.

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NIS is generally considered to be outdated and obsolete. It is not recommended for production deployments. Use something like LDAP instead.

Files that need to be updated

  • /etc/yp.conf — This is where ypserver is set.
  • /etc/hosts.conf — Had an obsolete order keyword which allows you to select in which order you process hostnames.
  • /etc/nsswitch.conf — Default file for domain name resolution.
  • /etc/network/interfaces — Static IP address and DNS nameserver.
  • /etc/passwd — Add +:::::: at the bottom to sync all users. Individual users can be whitelisted or blacklisted using +username:::::: or -username::::::, respectively.
  • /etc/group — Add +::: at the bottom to sync all groups.
  • /etc/shadow — Add +:::::: at the bottom to sync user passwords.

System daemons

  • dnsmasq — Listens on port 53 for requests.

System commands

# Start portmap
sudo service portmap start

# Start NIS client
sudo service ypbind Start

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