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Backup and recovery

Backup tools

  • rsync — Source and destination can be mirrored using something like the following:
    rsync -aAHX ./sourc ./destination --info=progress2
  • restic — Native support for backing up to cloud storage providers. GO
  • borg — Deduplication, compression, incremental backups. Python
  • rsnapshot — Incremental backups. Perl
  • backintime — ... Python
  • hat-backup — Deduplication, compression, incremental backups. Rust

See also:

Hard drive cloning

  • rsync — Recursive sync. C

    bash rsync -aAXv --filter=':- .stignore' /home/username /backup/username

  • dd — Copy data block by block. C

  • clonezilla — Uses partclone, partimage, ntfsclone, dd, etc. to copy files from old disk / partition to new disk / partition. Can clone entire disks / partitions to images. C

Hard drive recovery

  • ddrescue — Install on Ubuntu using: apt-get install gddrescue. C

File recovery