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Semantic Web

Differences between triple stores and graph databases


W3C standard for data exchange

RDF is a key tech for developing the Semantic Web

  • Publish data in well-defined format that agents (software) can consude
  • Stored in triplet stores, quad stores, Semantic Graph Databases
  • Subject - Predicate - Object
  • Vertices
    • Resources: URIs
    • Attribute Values: Literal Values
  • Edges
    • Relationships: URIs
    • Relationships cannot have attributes and are unique (no duplicates)

LPG (Neo3)

Efficient storage for fast querying and fast traversal

  • Labeled property graph
  • Became Neo4J
  • Nodes have ids and properties
  • Edges have ids, type, and properties
  • Nodes and Edges have "internal structure"




YAGO is a large semantic knowledge base, derived from Wikipedia, WordNet, WikiData, GeoNames, and other data sources.